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Have you come across people who are always on urgent poop calls? Or are you also one of them? Have you ever wondered why this happens? Does food really travel shooting down that there is an extreme urge to poop after every meal? Or your metabolism switches to turbo mode? In this blog we will unravel some reasons behind this digestive adventure which makes it extremely necessary for us to take a loo break regardless of any situation.

Gastrocolic Reflex

As food enters the body, the digestive system comes into action and the stomach starts to churn. Some people may experience intense gastrocolic reflex, a hormone release that causes contractions in the colon which moves the previously eaten food to shift away. This whole process can cause sudden and immediate urge to pass stool right after a meal. Others too experience colon contractions but it is comparatively mild and does not raise excretory issues.

Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)

Irritable Bowel Syndrome is a digestive disorder that can cause the food to move faster through the digestive tract. This can be a leading cause for urgent urges to pass stool.

Food Choice and Meal Pattern

It is important to have a regular meal pattern for your digestive system to stay scheduled, untimely meals can cause irritability and acidity leading to constant urge to poop.
The time and urgency of poop also greatly depends on food choices we make. Indulging in fiber rich, sweet, caffeinated and spicy foods and beverages can also contribute to pooping urgencies.


One of the common digestive inconveniences is Diarrhea. It is a short term disorder which causes loose and watery stool. Diarrhea can be caused by intestinal infection, food intolerance, medication, food poisoning, or stress. This can also be a contributing factor for urgent need to excavate. However, it is not a chronic condition and symptoms may subside over a few days.

Individual Sensitivity

The urge to pass stool is individual. Some people have a stronger digestive stimulus and a reactive system that brings up a frequent need to feel light.


An immediate need of passing stool right after meals is oftentimes inconvenient. It can be due to severe gastrocolic reflex, diarrhea, poor dietary choice and irregular meal time.
This is not a serious condition but can be managed through seeking relevant medical attention, changing diet routine, identifying trigger foods, and managing stress.
If you experience severe symptoms of bowel irritability accompanied with fatigue, unexplained weight loss or fever, consult medical experts at Sharaf Diwan for a thorough medical evaluation and relevant treatment and care. For appointment booking and other details call us at (832) 604-0005.

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