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Is It Possible For You To Get Eczema Later In Life?

Feb 15, 2024

When it comes to skin infections, eczema is one of the most common conditions. So much so that in the United States, more than 30 million people are diagnosed with eczema. Plus, most cases of eczema develop during one’s childhood. However, there are certain cases where an adult might find themselves fighting against eczema-like symptoms […]

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Should You Cover Your Ringworm When You Sleep?

Jan 30, 2024

Ringworms can be pretty annoying to deal with. Not only are they extremely itchy, but given how contagious they are, you’re always at risk of accidentally spreading the rash. So, does that mean you should cover the ringworm when you sleep to avoid it from spreading? The short answer to that is: No! Never cover […]

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How Much Water Should You Drink to Flush Out a Yeast Infection?

Jan 15, 2024

One of the worst things for a woman is to contract a yeast infection. Not only is the feeling extremely uncomfortable but it can also mess with the pH levels of your body. Plus, the longer the infection lasts, the more it affects your health. So, how can you flush out the symptoms of a […]

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5 Contagious Diseases To Look Out For After Holidays

Dec 30, 2023

Everyone loves the holidays. With festive lights adorning every corner and warm home-cooked meals waiting for you, it’s a time of merriment for everyone. But as wonderful as it is to spend the weekend catching up with your friends and family, it is important to take preventative measures to keep your health in check. The […]

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Is Eczema An Autoimmune Disease?

Dec 15, 2023

Chronic skin conditions like eczema can be incredibly painful and difficult to deal with. Whether it’s the severe itching spell, red skin patches, or scaly skin, it can turn into a big hurdle in one’s daily life. However, despite its underlying triggers, one of the most common questions we get asked is if eczema is […]

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Adhd As A Neurological Disorder

Nov 30, 2023

ADHD stands for Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, which is commonly diagnosed in children going through neurodevelopmental stages ranging from ages 2 to 12 years. ADHD is primarily linked to problems with attentiveness, hyperactivity and impulsivity. Now, you may ask that all children experience that, does that mean all children fall into some spectrum of ADHD? […]

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5 Reasons You Feel The Need To Pass Stool After Every Meal

Nov 15, 2023

Have you come across people who are always on urgent poop calls? Or are you also one of them? Have you ever wondered why this happens? Does food really travel shooting down that there is an extreme urge to poop after every meal? Or your metabolism switches to turbo mode? In this blog we will […]

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What Are The Symptoms Of Coccidioidomycosis?

Oct 30, 2023

Valley fever is an infection caused by the fungus. The scientific name of this infection is known by Coccidioides, and it is sometimes called as San Joaquin Valley fever or desert rheumatism. Coccidioides infection that affects in the lungs this infection can also spread to other parts of the body in severe cases, which is […]

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What Happens When A Spider Bites?

Oct 15, 2023

SPIDER BITES: When a spider bites, it can have severe symptoms, for example, itching, rash, pain around the bite area, muscle pain, and purplish blister. Still, few spiders are dangerous among 3,500 species, whereas only two types of spiders are considerably harmful and need proper wound medical assistance. Moreover, spider bites take more time than […]

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What is PCOS?

Sep 30, 2023

We must have, for once in our lifetime, have heard people throwing the term PCOS very casually. But, what does it mean? Is it just missing your periods or unmanageable weight gain? Let’s unpack. This blog is an interesting attempt to understand this health condition from scratch, its symptoms and treatment options. Let us first […]

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