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In normal conditions, skin color varies; it is usually either white to pinkish, slightly yellow, brown, or black. The tone of your skin depends on your ethnicity as well as your health conditions. However, if your skin is red, it tells you that something is off, not right, and needs attention, be it your face or anywhere else. Redness around the nose is also one of the markers that your skin needs help with.

Skin redness around the nose may seem cute, but it’s a problem that one must cater to.

Top 5 Causes for Redness around your nose

You must be thinking, why are the sides of your nose red? The reasons vary from harmless mild to severe. Let’s have a look at some common reasons for this issue.

Seasonal Allergies

Allergic reactions present themselves in the form of rashes and redness on the outside. More so if it’s responding to something that touched the skin. Contact allergic dermatitis may result in an adverse response to any skincare product, perfumes, essential oils, etc.

Dryness or Dehydration

If you do not adequately take in water or fluids, your skin starts drying and goes flaky. This causes the skin around the nose to turn red and peel off. Dry patches on the skin cause soreness around the nose and look red and bumpy with a burning sensation.

Skin irritation

The skin of your face is thinner and more sensitive than the rest of your body. Therefore, prone to irritation due to chemicals touching it.


Eczema also shows up with similar symptoms to skin irritation; however, it is a chronic condition that does not need a particular trigger to flare up. The redness around the nose and lips, along with crusty skin, is common.


There are many reasons to love the sun, but getting rosy red skin is not one of them. Many times, the rays from the sun directly hit the skin, causing it to burn. And since the face is more sensitive, the skin by the nose goes red.

Can You Get Rid of the Redness Around Your Nose?

The good news is, yes, that the red patch around your nose (skin) is not permanent. As soon as you treat it with care, the color will return to normal.

Let’s look at the top 7 remedies for treating red skin under or sides of the nose.

Hyaluronic Acid Mist

Mists are helpful in keeping the inflammation and redness of the skin of your nose and entire face down considerably. Hyaluronic acid is a chemical that helps in water retention and locks the water inside the skin.


There are days when the weather not complies. The air goes super dry, turning the skin flaky. In that case, even the most potent of formulas cannot help the skin stay normal. Therefore, if you reside in an area that suffers from this often, get a humidifier to maintain air moisture.


If you are going out in the sun with bare skin, then it’s one of the things killing your skin. You should know the rays are incredibly harmful and react with certain skin components that can show adverse signs such as burning.

Sunscreens are barriers that usually protect from UVA and UVB, which enter through the earth’s protective layer.

Petroleum Jelly for Dryness

If you are searching for a quick dry skin fix, petroleum jelly is what you should go for. It is a smooth formula that will hydrate the skin, protect it from further scratches, and accentuate the skin healing process.

Aloe Vera

Aloe is a known soothing agent that helps skin inflammation.

Good Old Moisturizer

Keep a handy bottle of lotion/moisturizer for your skin’s hydration.

Final Words

The redness around your skin can usually be taken care of without any external help. However, if your condition does not improve within a few days, talk to a derma doctor for help. You can visit Sharaf Diwan, MD, or contact (832) 604-0005 to make an appointment.

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