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Antiseptics and antibiotics are both used to fight bacteria and keep patients healthy. However, there are some key differences between these two treatments. In this article, we’ll explain the differences between an antiseptic vs. antibiotic- and tell patients when to use each one.

What is an Antibiotic?

An antibiotic is a medication that works to kill bacteria. They are usually prescribed by doctors to fight things like strep throat, sinus infections, and other bacterial infections. However, antibiotics are also used in other products such as hand soap or ointments for wounds. Antibiotics are very effective at killing bacteria. However, bacteria can become resistant to these medications, so it’s important not to over-use them.

What is an Antiseptic?

An antiseptic is a product that slows the growth of microorganisms. It’s usually sold in liquid form and applied to the surface of the skin. Antiseptics are commonly used to treat an injury because they are effective against many different micro-organisms.

Antiseptic Vs. Antibiotic Care

When comparing an antiseptic vs. antibiotic, it’s important to remember that each serves a specific role. Antibiotics are used to treat one specific type of infection. They work by killing bacteria and preventing their spread. On the other hand, antiseptics are used to stop the growth of many different types of microorganisms. However, they don’t necessarily kill the bacteria.

It’s easy to confuse an antiseptic vs. antibiotic, as they are both commonly used in first aid. Antiseptics can be used on various parts of the body to reduce your risk of infection. However, antibiotics are used on a specific part of the body to treat a current infection.

When to See a Doctor

If you have a minor wound, home care and general first-aid should be enough to resolve the issue. However, infections can still occur. If you believe your wound is infected, then it’s important to see a doctor. Only a doctor can diagnose infections and prescribe the right medications to treat them.

Are You Dealing With an Infected Wound?

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