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A broken bone can cause all sorts of uncomfortable symptoms. But can a broken bone cause a fever? While it’s not a common symptom, it can happen in some patients. However, if you experience a fever with your broken bone, then it’s important to visit a doctor. Learn why in the article below.

Broken Bone Symptoms

A broken bone isn’t always obvious. While patients with complex fractures will be able to see their broken bone, patients with simple fractures or stress fractures might not be able to see the bone damage. Instead, they might have swelling, numbness, or localized pain around the bone. They might also have mobility issues or be unable to bear weight on the bone.

Can a Broken Bone Cause a Fever?

So broken bones can cause a variety of symptoms. Can a broken bone cause a fever, too? Sometimes, inflammation from a broken bone can cause a low-grade fever. However, a fever is usually a sign of an infection. Infections are especially common in bones if an injury broke skin and the bone was exposed. However, infections from elsewhere in the body can spread to bones, too.

Other Signs of Infection

Signs of a bone infection include fever, sweating, chills, and feelings of general malaise. Patients might also experience pain, redness, or swelling at the injection site. If a patient has an open wound, they might have pus, swelling, and excessive pain at the wound site.

Visiting a Doctor

If you broke a bone and the bone became exposed, then it’s important to get emergency care. This will usually require stitches, even if it’s just a finger or toe bone. Larger bones, of course, will also need to be set by a professional. Furthermore, all patients with a broken bone who experience a fever should see a doctor. This is a sign of infection that needs to be investigated.

Care for Bone Infections in Houston, TX

If you’re suffering from a bone infection, then call Sharaf Diwan, MD. Our team has the tools needed to treat bone infections as well as a variety of other infectious diseases. Don’t wait for relief! Click the link above to book an appointment today.

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