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Let’s face it: acne can be embarrassing. However, if a pimple becomes infected, then the problem might be more than just aesthetic. An infected pimple can be very painful. In some cases, it can even lead to health problems. So how can you tell if you have an infected pimple- and when is it time to see a doctor? Get the details in the article below.

Signs You Have an Infected Pimple

An infected pimple is caused by bacteria entering a person’s skin. Infected pimples tend to be larger than regular acne and also take longer to heal. They might also be a darker shade of red or filled with pus. Additionally, infected pimples can be tender to the touch- or even downright painful.

Home Care To Try

If you suspect you have an infected pimple, then you can try to manage your symptoms with basic home care. Keep your skin clean by using a high-quality face wash and avoiding makeup products until the site heals. You can also use a warm compress can help you reduce pain and swelling. Finally, you can apply a topical benzoyl peroxide treatment, which kills bacteria and can help to clear mild infections.

When To See a Doctor

If your pimple does not begin to heal with home care- or if the issue gets worse- then it’s important to see a doctor. Some infected pimples require antibiotics in order to heal. Furthermore, there are other skin infections that can resemble acne. Only a doctor can properly diagnose and treat your issue.

Preventing Future Infections

After your skin heals, it is important to practice good hygiene. Wash your face using a mild cleanser, and be sure to change your towels and pillowcases frequently. Also be sure to clean washcloths, makeup brushes, or anything else that touches your face. Finally, let mild acne heal on its own. Popping pimples can introduce new bacteria, leading to irritation and possible infections.

Care For Skin Infections in Houston, TX

Whether you have an infected pimple or another skin infection, Sharaf Diwan, MD is here to help. Our office offers thorough infectious disease care to patients across the Houston area. Call us today to learn how we can help your skin.

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