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A urinary tract infection (or UTI) can cause a variety of unpleasant symptoms. And while these infections are hard enough to deal with during the day, they can be especially challenging at night. Between the pelvic pain and the constant urges to urinate, you might feel like a good night’s sleep is impossible. Luckily though, there are solutions. Here’s how to sleep with UTI discomfort.

Prepare During the Day

It’s always a good idea to stay hydrated. However, when you have a UTI, this is especially important. Drinking water will help to flush bacteria out of the urinary tract. Try increasing your water consumption throughout the day. This will support your urinary health without adding to your frequent nighttime bathroom trips. Additionally, urinate frequently throughout the day and manage your pain in order to relax as much as possible at night.

Manage Your Pain

If you’re wondering how to sleep with UTI discomfort, then you are probably concerned about pain. Pain management is one of the most important parts of UTI care. Use pain-relieving techniques before bed to help you relax as you sleep. For instance, warm water sitz baths are a great way to ease pelvic pain. You can also try placing a hot water bottle or electric heating pad on your abdomen. Finally, over-the-counter pain relievers can help you manage your discomfort. Just be sure to ask your doctor before you take any medications.

Dealing With Urgency

Pelvic pain isn’t the only type of discomfort that UTI patients deal with. When thinking about how to sleep with UTI discomfort, you might also be thinking about bladder urgency. UTI patients deal with sudden, severe, and often painful urges to urinate. If you are struggling with this, then you might try setting alarms throughout the night so you can void. You might also want to wear an incontinence pad if you are dealing with bladder leaks.

Talk To Your Doctor

If your UTI symptoms don’t improve after a few days of home care, then it’s important to see a doctor. You may need a prescription to clear the infection. You should also see a UTI specialist if you have frequent infections. Sharaf Diwan offers expert urinary tract care in Houston. Call (832) 604-0005 to book your appointment today.

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