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We all deal with injuries from time to time. If you have an injury on your body, you might consider using a wound healing cream to aid in your recovery. But what exactly is a wound healing cream- and do they actually make a difference? Read on to learn if you should be using a wound healing cream for your injury.

What is a Wound Healing Cream?

A wound healing cream is an ointment that creates a protective barrier on the skin surrounding an injury. This barrier reduces irritation and promotes healing. Wound healing creams are typically used for minor cuts, burns, scratches, or insect bites. They are not a solution for large or open wounds, which typically need medical attention.

Wound Healing Cream Vs. Other Ointments

Wound healing creams are great at reducing irritation and dryness. However, they don’t usually contain antibiotic properties or pain relievers. Therefore, it’s important to use the right treatment for your injury. Always clean your wound properly, change dressings frequently, and be on the lookout for signs of infection. If your ointment does not provide relief, then seek medical care.

Should You Use a Wound Healing Cream?

Wound healing creams are very helpful in soothing minor injuries. However, these ointments are not a substitute for medical care. Visit your doctor after any injury, and always ask before you use a cream, ointment, or other over-the-counter wound care. As long as your doctor gives you the green light, then feel free to use these creams until your wound heals.

Talking To Your Doctor

If you have a wound that does not heal on its own, or a wound that gets worse over time, then visit your doctor. This could be the sign of an infection. You should also see your doctor if a wound is long, deep, or does not stop bleeding after 10 minutes of applying pressure. These injuries may require stitches in order to heal properly.

Watch Out For Infections

While most wounds will heal fine on their own, some can become infected. Monitor your wound as it heals and call the doctor immediately if you notice signs of an infection. For convenient infection care in Houston, call Sharaf Diwan MD today.

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