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We all know that washing your hands is crucial for preventing infections and staying generally healthy. But are you actually washing your hands correctly? Handwashing is a quick and simple process, but it’s important to follow these 5 steps in handwashing to make sure you’re properly protecting yourself. The 5 sites in handwashing are…

1- Wet Your Hands

Always wash your hands using running water. The water can be any temperature that is comfortable to you- both warm and cold will be effective in killing germs. Be sure to wet both hands completely, as well as your wrists.

2- Use Soap

Apply soap to both hands, making sure to rub it between your fingers and over both sides of the hands. For regular hand washing, you can use traditional soap or the antibacterial kind. Both are effective and offer similar levels of protection against germs at home and in public places.

3- Lather Your Hands

Lather your hands for at least 20 seconds to adequately clean away any germs! A common trick for reaching twenty seconds is to sing the “happy birthday” song twice while washing your hands. This is approximately the amount of time you will need to lather.

4- Rinse Off Soap

Rinse off soap using running water, and make sure to rinse until the soap is completely gone from your hands. Then, you will be left with adequately clean hands.

5- Dry Hands Properly

Finally, dry your hands to finish the process. Studies have shown that paper towels, not hand dryers, are the most hygienic way of doing this. Choose paper towels if they are available for hand drying. However, don’t be worried if a hand dryer or regular towel are your only options. It’s far better to use these than to avoid washing your hands at all!

Are You Dealing With an Infection?

The 5 steps in handwashing are critical for preventing the spread of infections. However, infections still happen, even for those who take precautions. Plus, surface contact is only one of many ways that infections can spread. If you are struggling with an infection, Dr. Sharaf Diwan can help. Dr. Diwan provides specialized care for infectious diseases in Houston and the surrounding areas. Call 832-604-0005 to book your visit.

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