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When a spider bites, it can have severe symptoms, for example, itching, rash, pain around the bite area, muscle pain, and purplish blister. Still, few spiders are dangerous among 3,500 species, whereas only two types of spiders are considerably harmful and need proper wound medical assistance. Moreover, spider bites take more time than other insects.

Brown recluse-
The brown recluse belongs to the species of Loxosceles. Brown recluses have a body around one-third of an inch long. They are not usually aggressive but might bite if trapped against a person’s skin. They typically hide in a dark, secluded space.
Known as the violin spider because of the dark marking on its back. The initial brown recluse bite may be painless, but within 2–8 hours, it will begin to itch, hurt, and turn red.
Eventually, the bite can turn into a blister and grow worse without treatment to the point where it may cause a wound surrounding tissue, fever, chills, and headache. Unfortunately, there is no antidote for a brown recluse bite, but keeping the area clean can increase the healing rate.
Here, the doctor will examine the bite and prescribe antibiotics to prevent it from being an infection.

Black Widow-
The black widow spider is of the Latrodectus species of spiders. It appears like shiny and black with a spot of reddish, hourglass shaped mark on its belly; its size can be measured at around half an inch long. Found mainly in the warm lands like Southern and Western United States, the black widow stays in secluded spaces such as:
fallen leaves
Cardboard boxes.
When it comes to the black widow, females are poisonous; their bites can feel like a small prick or nothing at all, but your skin will react immediately, and you will be able to see the two puncture marks on the skin. It may take an hour for you to notice pain and burning at the bite mark and experience a headache along with numbness.
Quick treatment will be crucial for its bite in children and older adults. A doctor may prescribe an antivenom.
Hobo spider

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