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You’ve probably heard of a bloody nose – perhaps even experienced it. But have you ever had to deal with blood in the mucus coming from your nose? The sight in itself is concerning. However, bloody boogers aren’t that big of a deal. Usually, it can be treated with care and precaution. But in some rare cases, bloody mucus could be a sign of a rare, infectious disease.

Why Is There Blood In My Mucus From The Nose?

There are numerous blood vessels in your nose that help keep the blood flowing. But if even one of them gets damaged, you might end up with bloody snot. Take a look below to learn what other causes are there for bloody mucus in the nose.

Nose-picking Gone Wrong

Let’s be honest; everyone picks their nose, there’s no shame in it. However, if you have long nails or accidentally dig in too far, you could rupture a blood vessel and cause a bloody nose.

There’s Something Stuck In Your Nose

If you notice a dull throb inside your nose besides the blood in the mucus, it might be because of something being stuck in it. This is usually common in kids as they’re prone to inserting random items up their noses. Be it the tip of a pencil or a tiny Lego piece; immediate treatment is the only way to prevent things from getting worse.

Sensitivity to Cold and Dry Weather

Believe it or not, dry weather can also be the reason behind a bloody nose. Your nasal passages can dry out due to the lack of humidity in the air, causing blood vessels to erupt. Even cold weather can trigger nasal dryness. It’s why most people complain about getting nosebleeds so frequently during winter.

You’re Suffering From A Lung Infection

A lung or respiratory infection is a serious condition that needs to be treated urgently. Infections such as bronchitis or pneumonia are more likely to cause bloody mucus in your nose and throat.

Excessive Coughing

If you have a sore throat, you probably know how horrible it is to suffer from the fate of constantly coughing. It is so hazardous that coughing all the time can irritate the walls of your lungs, giving way to blood in the mucus.

A Deviated Septum

Blood in mucus can also be caused by facial trauma or injuries. For instance, a deviated septum or a fractured nose can give birth to thick blood clots in your mucus. Thus, to prevent this from happening, visit a doctor immediately.

Autoimmune Condition at Play

An autoimmune condition is where your cells start attacking your body. This ultimately causes internal inflammation, which leads to bloody boogers and more, which is often a result of autoimmune conditions like lupus or vasculitis.

Bottom Line

All in all, finding blood in the mucus from your nose isn’t uncommon. However, it is still better to consult a medical professional in case something is wrong.

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