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Month: December 2022

Key Differences Between Infectious and Contagious Diseases

Dec 30, 2022

Infectious and contagious diseases are one of the major causative agents behind the most severe health disorders in humans. You have quite likely heard the terms “contagious” and “infectious” diseases used fairly often, especially during the prime COVID-19 pandemic era. Generally, both the terms have been interchangeably used in news coverage and media. Understanding the […]

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Healthy Habits to Control the Spread of Infectious Diseases

Dec 15, 2022

Infectious diseases are health issues caused by harmful pathogens that gain entry in your body. Whether it’s a minor or a severe infectious disease, everyone is at a risk of contracting infectious diseases. However, our guide presents some of the most effective preventive measures to control the spread of infectious diseases and keep you healthy. […]

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