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Month: January 2024

Should You Cover Your Ringworm When You Sleep?

Jan 30, 2024

Ringworms can be pretty annoying to deal with. Not only are they extremely itchy, but given how contagious they are, you’re always at risk of accidentally spreading the rash. So, does that mean you should cover the ringworm when you sleep to avoid it from spreading? The short answer to that is: No! Never cover […]

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How Much Water Should You Drink to Flush Out a Yeast Infection?

Jan 15, 2024

One of the worst things for a woman is to contract a yeast infection. Not only is the feeling extremely uncomfortable but it can also mess with the pH levels of your body. Plus, the longer the infection lasts, the more it affects your health. So, how can you flush out the symptoms of a […]

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